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Learn how to be more proactive than reactive about the health of both yourself and your pets. Self-care is often overlooked by animal lovers, but of the utmost importance to give 100% to our furry family members.

Your pet’s nutrition is the #1 thing you have control over and it’s the biggest preventative care measure you can address. About 80% of your pet’s immune system is in the gut, so an improper diet triggers inflammation and can lead to chronic disease.

I’m always on the lookout for alternative treatments that give my patients great results with little to no side effects. One of the best things I’ve ever stumbled upon is a treatment called red light therapy.

Bio-available minerals are the foundation for optimal health. Eastern medicine says, if your patient gets sick, you’ve failed. (Hence my avid focus on preventative care measures like mineral supplementation.)

Antibiotics do more than just kill bad bacteria, they kill good bacteria too. Whereas probiotics increase the amount of healthy bacteria in the body. In this post, you'll learn why probiotics are a key staple to proper preventative care.

Seasonal allergies are worse in the spring and the fall, but they can occur all year round. They’re so common, that a significant percentage my practice is devoted to treating them. Today, I'd like to share my natural allergy care strategies with you.

As a holistic veterinarian, I feel that it’s my obligation to approach everything holistically to get to the root of the problem at hand. A term that is becoming increasingly popular (which I’m so happy to see taking place) is called, “One Health”.

I grew up in northeastern South Dakota, surrounded by animals on my parents’ farm. Although I’ve always had a strong bond with animals as far back as I can remember -- there’s one defining moment that helped me realize my calling to become a veterinarian.

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How Poor Nutrition Can Shorten the Lifespan of Your Pet: (And What You Can Do About It)

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Many veterinary clinics take the Western medicine approach of only treating your pet's symptoms. I combine Eastern medicine into my practice by focusing heavily on eradicating the root cause of your pet's issues, rather than just masking symptoms.